How To Migrating DNS Zones between DNS Servers Windows

B1: Backup Zone records from the old server:

dnscmd /zoneexport domain1.com domain1.com.txt


The backup file will stored in: C:\Windows\System32\dns

Rename that file to extend file .dns then copy it into the new server

B2: Restore Zone records from backup file:

On the new server, Right click “Forward Lookup Zones” and select “New Zone”, Select “Next” to get started.

Select the zone type and remember to untick the “Store the zone in Active Directory” option.
I know, I know, we want it to be in AD; don’t worry. It will still be once we are done.
Select “Next”.

Populate the Zone Name and select “Next”.

Select “Use the existing file” and enter the name of the file you copied into “C:\Windows\System32\dns”, select “Next”.

Select “Next” on the dynamic update options. Note: The secure option will be available once we convert this zone to an AD integrated zone.

The zone should now appear fully populated in the DNS console. Now time to convert this zone back to an AD integrated zone.

Right click the zone and select “Properties”.

Select “Change” on the right of “Type”.

You might recognise this screen, Select “Store the zone in Active Directory” and click “OK”. Confirm you want to move the zone to AD.

You now have the option to change the dynamic updates to this zone, select as per your preference.

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